A cavalry man reporting. 1904.

On the 28th of March 2010 seventeen samurai shooters, authentically garbed and equipped, gathered to participate in a traditional matchlock shooting match.

The match simulates the classic Japanese Edo-era style. We use 24 cm. square targets with a 12 cm. bulls eye. A bulls eye is scored at 10, and the white space is 1 or 3 depending on the match.

The winners of the tournament and consolation matches are decided according to a single shot sudden-death match. One shot. The closest to the center wins.

The Quick Shot match lasts for only five minutes, in which a shooter will fire less than ten shots.

The Hizadai is a seven shot match that lasts for ten minutes.

The Tan-tsutsu is the same as the Hizadai, but the target is smaller; 18 cm. square, with a 6 cm. bulls eye.

The M.L.S.A.J organizes this match once a year.

378th General Regular Meeting will be held in on Saturday, the 12th of June at 13:00.
Place: Kakumukinen Materials Laboratory, Waseda University.


1. Tow Japanese weapon developer by Shigeo Sugawa
2. Guns in farming villages during the Edo Era by Takashi Nakamura
3. Guns of the Arikawa family by Yoko Kitamura
4. Subject not announced by Dr. Takehia Utagawa
5. Subject not announced by Hitoshi Miyoshi

The convivial meeting will follow at 17:30 p.m.

377th General Meeting will be held in on Saturday the 13th of March, 2010 at 1:00 p.m.
Place: Kakumukinen Material Laboratory at Waseda University
-Postmen’s guns and regulation during the late 1860’s; by Shigeru Orihara.

[image] An example of a replica Smith & Wesson Model 2; and Japanese holster.

-Lord Tachibana’s guns and a mini-canon; by Motoharu Mineta.
-Western style cannonball molds in Tahara; by Shizuo Kawaguchi.
-Japanese matchlock sights: A background and history; by Shigeo Sugawa
-Canon production at Kagayashiki in Edo; by Masonori Konishi.

Dr. Takehisa Utagawa attended the meeting, and gave a brief commentary from his perspective on each presentation.
About forty people were in attendance.

A small gathering followed the meeting.

Future discussions

Museums We will introduce museums from throughout Japan, and discuss their weapons related displays.


There have been a great many weapons related publications since the 17th century; we will introduce titles of interest in the future.