A woodblock print of an Edo period huntsman.

The F.H.A. of Japan was first established as the Japanese Antique Firearms Preservation Society in 1961. One of the founders of the society, Dr. Taro Yamada provided the following history.

1. Pre-history:

In 1907, the Society of Ordinance and Explosives was founded at the technical department of Tokyo University. It published the “Journal of the Society of Ordinance and Explosives” six times a year. Publication ended in 1944.

In 1936, Dr. Seiho Arima the reserve general of the Imperial Army founded the Military History Society. In 1958, at the 15th meeting of the Japanese Antique Firearms Preservation Society, it was decided that the society would become the F.H.A. of Japan. The N.R.A.J. supported some activities and the office was housed in N.R.A.J. Ten general meeetings were held each year.

In 2005 the F.H.A.J became an independant organization. The first chairman was Dr. Seiho Arima. The second chairman was Mr. Minoru Anzai. The third chairman was Mr. Sokichi Tokoro.

The current chairman is Mr. Gouji Sakamoto; also the chairman of the N.R.A.J.

F.H.A.J. has a long history, throughout which many private researchers and historians of firearms have helped support the Academy.