A weapon's manual from the 1700's. (part of a book)

First, one is modern firearms for hunting and target shooting.

Original Antique guns’ holding is completely different from those rules.
The Public Safety Agency which is one of government organizations, mostly a local police do the work as the name of the Agency since GHQ’s age, to issue licenses to the “good” citizens. To apply for buying and holding guns, there are very several processes under the name of “JYUTOHO”. which sometime against human rights but no one mentions about it.
The new rules which adapted last December need “a mental examine”. It is U.S. N.R.A. would go to the court soon matter.
To buy ammunition need another permission and require reports of usage every year. “ I shot a bird using one 12 gauge 7.5
Cartridge so on.2
There were about 17000 modern gun licensed holders in the country last year ,about 15000 shotguns , rifles and “ air rifles”
The number the gunmen in Japan have been getting older and smaller. It is said, “the hunter would be gone earlier than any kind of games in Japan. Do not worry preserving about any birds and animals.

Those are the example of the papers of one gun holder need. They should be renewed every three years and every year a gun holder should bring their guns to a local police station for just let them see. My case living in a big city, there is no parking space there. It is just such a torture.

Second, this is for real antique guns.
It is surprising that there are 60000 antique guns before 1865 in Japan existed. There are mostly Japanese matchlocks and some are western small arms which were imported in early and mid 19th century. Using metal cartridges guns, breech loading guns, and reproductions guns are not permitted, so even it was an very expensive one it should be destroyed. To hold an antique gun, those who want to own one of them just buy a gun at an antique shop or from a friend, which has a card in a plastic case issued from the Cultural Agency one of the government organizations but mostly their work is done by local educational committees. There are some of our members who do this work in our organization.
There are a lot of dummy and fakes antique guns in this country.
So there are needed careful examine. Cards are for guns.
Collectors could buy guns with proper cards and just report to the
Committee that issue the card changing the name of the owner.

Cards show each guns size maker, characterristics.

Still there are some cased that antique guns are found in the old houses or storage. They go to the local police first and bring them to committees. Of course someone buy Japanese antique guns and bring back from overseas. They need examinations and card issued.

So you understand there are double standards of holding guns in Japan.

What is an original Japanese antique guns ?

The stipulations of the rules are not open. But when we heard from the people who concern of the subject there are mostly follows.
They should be older before 1885. They should have a original barrel , wood stock and lock. Which some small parts were missing or damaged ,they may be no problems to work for them.
Small repairs should be same as originals. For example a Japanese matchlock gun had no V shape rear sight. Some has adjustment sight because they did competitions at the range of 27m but going out for hunting the range was more or at the fighting field was 100m. How did they adjust is a mystery.

An example of an original adjustment sight. It is very rare to find. M.L.S.A.J would not allow a hand made adjustments.

There are still many discussions for defining an original one.

But even an antique guns to modify major part is against two laws. “JYUTOHO” gun control and “BUNKAZAIHOGOHOU” preserve cultural objects.
“JYUTOHO” is very severe. They could put us into jails in several years easily.